The accidental business owner

How you too can become an accidental business ownerIt’s the perfect name for me really!

You see I sort of fell into my position as a business owner simply by being really good at what I did.

I had absolutely no clue about business or what it took to run one, my dad was an employee and my mum an awesome, loving homemaker.  We lived paycheck to paycheck and there was barely enough money to get by.

I didn’t even have any relatives or friends that owned a business, I’d grown up knowing that I was going to get a job and that was it.

So not really the best way to strike out on my own.  I do remember thinking at one point in time, how hard can it be?

Turns out really hard! Especially due to the fact that in the early years of growing my tiny business I did everything that I possibly could to distance myself from the responsibilities of actual business ownership!

You see, as insanely passionate as I was about my clients, my hands on work, my partners, my tiny team and the amazing service that we were delivering to help our clients feel better the thought of being tied to a regimented routine of meetings, figures, reporting, planning or any such responsibility bored the complete hell out of me.

It went against everything that was fun, spontaneous, intuitive and passionate about being an entrepreneur and of course (for me), a healer.  (To be honest, had I cared to think about it more at the time, it also scared the crap out of me because I really didn’t know anything about all of that serious business stuff!)

Unfortunately, passion, drive and exemplary levels of service only got me and the business so far.

As you can imagine, burying my head in the sand didn’t work very well and my heavenly, fun business started to dim, falter and stall like a shiny new Tesla that had run out of charge.

So kicking and screaming I begrudgingly acknowledged the importance of all of the “boring, hard stuff” and slowly but surely started to implement it into the day to day running of my business.

If I could of, I absolutely would have delegated it all to a team member or paid for a professional person to do it all for me but the usual “never having enough money to do what you need” was alive and well in my fledgling business.

So, if you’ve ever wondered about starting a business, by all means go for it, but please don’t begin by being an accidental business owner like I was.  Make sure that you find a great mentor or coach, complete some courses and even work in some small businesses so that you hit the ground running and have a strong foundation of knowledge and skill from which to grow your business on.

By all means be passionate, dedicated and driven but just know that in the long run it won’t be enough to be truly successful in a sustainable way.  Have the confidence to ask for help and implement the hard, scary things that you don’t understand as those are the things that will take you and your business to the next level.

Want to get an idea of how I managed to get the business smarts to succeed or simply interested in a chat reach out to me!