How are you? Really. Find your triggers and reduce stress.

This quick one-minute Health & Wellbeing test will provide you with a snapshot of how you are coping with the demands of daily life, plus tips on how to reduce stress.

Would you like to feel less stressed and be more focused and productive at work?

Are you or your employees constantly stressed out, feel overwhelmed, unproductive, unmotivated, foggy, lost or directionless?

  • Would you like to feel calmer and have more clarity every single day
  • Feel positive and clear in your direction
  • Be able to execute and finalise tasks and projects quickly and efficiently
  • Feel more confident and self-assured
  • Communicate more easily with team members

Or perhaps you’d simply like to strengthen your company culture with supportive, inclusive activities, education and experiences that focus on your employees physical, mental and emotional wellbeing to assist them to not only instantly feel better but learn life-long skills that will increase their resilience both at work and at home.

Have you considered a rewarding, team-building half day, full day or three day wellbeing workshop in your workplace, virtually or a residential retreat that focuses on your employees’ wellbeing, productivity and happiness to increase team cohesion and staff satisfaction?

If yes… then allow me to guide you and your team on a journey *from overwhelm and confusion to calmness and clarity*

  • Create a culture of wellbeing to reduce absenteeism and minimise employee turnover
  • Increase team morale and productivity.
  • Transform your workplace to a happier and healthier place to work.

Workshops, group coaching programs or one on one coaching can all be specifically tailored to the challenges you and your team are currently experiencing within the workplace.

Here is a sample of the workplace wellbeing workshops, retreats and individual coaching sessions that can be created and facilitated:

  • Simple stress reduction skills that work anywhere, anytime
  • How to build emotional and mental resilience
  • Confidence and assertiveness skills
  • Effective communication for teams to excel and succeed
  • Individual goal setting and planning
  • How to be more organised, focused and productive
  • How to stop self-sabotage at work and in life
  • Find and banish your destructive self-limiting beliefs
  • The vital importance of self-care in an uncertain world
  • Wellbeing Days – a series of workshops throughout the day to teach coaching and stress reduction skills as well as best self-care practice
  • One Month to Wellness workshops with goal setting and activity trackers – a supportive team building exercise to improve overall wellbeing
  • Emotional resilience – The secret key to a truly successful life
  • Goal setting and planning skills for teams
  • Reducing overwhelm and anxiety – simple skills for everyday life
  • The REAL effects of burnout and depression and how to turn it around
  • How to unlock your motivation for maximum performance and productivity
  • Slowing down to achieve more – crazy but true
  • How to systematically create work/life harmony in your life
  • 30 Day De-Clutter Challenge – at work, home and within your mind and body
  • Expert meditation and mindfulness sessions (*various lengths)
  • Mini massage sessions (*fully clothed)
  • Gentle introductory yoga sessions (*with a qualified and insured yoga instructor)
  • Incentive rewards – spa pamper sessions (*with massage and/or beauty services)
  • How to use essential oils to enhance productivity, increase clarity and reduce stress

Group workshop prices start from $600 per session plus gst for up to 10 employees / *larger group workshops can be accommodated / *3 day residential retreat pricing on application

Reach out today to discuss your requirements and we can design a program together to meet your specific needs.

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