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Redesigning You

Transform your wellbeing, your lifestyle and your life for the better!

Work privately with Kym and begin the next level of transformation in your life. Get excited about your future, your health and wellbeing and positive ageing as you consciously create the life that you desire and deserve!

These deeply experiential programs powerfully align your new choices and a detailed action plan that you will craft with your conscious and subconscious mind allowing greater synergy to be achieved and less internal conflict.\

From these powerful programs, you will feel a huge sense of relief, clarity and excitement take hold of you.  You will enjoy the mental focus and physical energy to actually take the steps you need to hone the next level of your life.

You will move more effortlessly forward towards your desired lifestyle, dreams and goals with obstacles more easily managed and overcome.

This bespoke program is like no other as your body and being is safely cocooned, nurtured and pampered whilst transforming deeply at a cellular level allowing the new decisions and actions to flow more freely in your life. Get unstuck, get focused and back into your flow again!

For more information about these deep dive workshops and how they may be perfect for you, enquire now.

Performance Plus  – 1 Day Program

  • Are you run off your feet and just want to stop?
  • Is it time for a holiday but you don’t have time?
  • Are the responsibilities of life getting you down?
  • Do you need to recharge & refocus?
  • Is pain and discomfort a familiar feeling in your body?
  • Are you desperate to confide in someone about how you are really feeling?

If the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders and responsibility seems to be your middle name then this fast, effective 1 day program will allow you to effectively revamp and re-imagine YOU!

Personalised, laser like attention allows you to crystalise your thoughts and focus on the journey ahead whilst your body revels in blissful relaxation.


  • Unlimited sparkling water & herbal teas
  • A healthy, scrumptious lunch
  • A heavenly stress-busting massage and powerful holistic bodywork session dedicated to releasing deeply held tension and restriction (shower available if required)
  • 100% organic essential oils used and available for purchase if you choose
  • A quick swim & reflection time in the sun/shade (weather permitting)
  • Clear limiting beliefs & self sabotaging behavior
  • A soothing self-care bag to take home to help you stay focused and “on track”
  • A virtual follow up session to “check in” on your progress

Take this 1 day to re-energise and recharge your body and being so that clarity returns, productivity increases and momentum is achieved in a more effortless way than ever before.

It’s a holiday without going on holidays!  Your mind and body will thank you as you once and for all, sort out what’s important, why it’s important and the next steps to take.

Drop the “responsibility” mantle for the day, let the weight of the world go and just be YOU!

It’s one day, you CAN find the time and make it work, you do it for everyone else now do it for YOU!

Rest & Restore  – 3 Day Program

  • Do you feel like you’re not achieving enough of the important things in your life?
  • Is your “To Do List” constantly growing and seemingly never ending?
  • Does guilt from not doing enough get the better of you?
  • Do you often say “I’ll get to that tomorrow” but you secretly feel too exhausted, scattered or overwhelmed to even start and tomorrow just never seems to come?
  • Are you sick of hearing yourself say the same old things (read: excuses) month after month so you just give up on what’s next for you and continue to do the same old things (ie: what you’re good at)?
  • Have you ever wished that you could just restart your day, week or month and “do it all over”?
  • Would you like to challenge yourself again, learn new things, branch out, take more risks, if only you had the mental and physical capacity and energy to do it?
  • Is there ONE burning desire that you would really love to work on and feel the momentum grow as you take the action required?
  • Are you ready to create a new story, a new chapter or a new phase of your life AND feel great about the entire process?
  • Would you love to have fun while doing it AND feel amazing as your body and being relaxes into blissful pampering and decadent indulgence?

Yes? Then this is the program for you!


  • Unlimited sparkling water & herbal teas
  • Scrumptious lunches
  • A plethora of holistic massage, bodywork and pampering treats to integrate the learning’s from our work together (shower available if required)
  • 100% organic essential oils
  • A quick swim & reflection time in the sun/shade (weather permitting)
  • Clear deeply held limiting beliefs & self sabotaging behavior
  • Create new, empowering beliefs and habits
  • A soothing self-care bag to take home and keep you focused and “on track”
  • Two virtual follow up session to “check in” on your progress, hone your focus and hold you accountable to the decisions and action items that you set

Life Re-Creation – 5 Day Program

If over the course of your life or career you’ve caught yourself thinking “I hate my life” or “Can’t I just stop the world so that i can finally catch up!” you’re not alone!

As high achievers we rightly or wrongly push ourselves hard – much more than most!

What others see as amazing results and a fantastic lifestyle may be the case externally, but it still doesn’t quiet ring true to you.

It still feels like you’re not there yet.  You’re not where you really want to be and you’re not feeling how you really want to feel about the results in your life!

I remember a time when I felt exactly the same way.  I secretly wished that I could just wave a magic wand and change everything in my life (within an instant) but there was nothing that I could find to help me do that all in the one place!

It’s one of the things that has bothered me ever since…. I simply couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I wanted a fast, highly effective and super personalized way to get me where I wanted to go!

I was absolutely willing to commit. I was willing to do the work, I wanted rapid results and I wanted to cut through any fluff and the low-level personal development work so that I could get to the core of what was holding me back, take action and achieve the life that I knew I wanted and deserved

For me, that journey seemed to take forever. It utilized many people, many modalities, many appointments, many personal development programs of various shapes, sizes and costs to get me to where I really wanted to go and become who I really wanted to be.  The economic investment that I made over that time was significantly more than what I imagine most people would invest in themselves during their lifetime!

Being an entrepreneur and forever impatient with reaching my goals,  I’m always looking at how things can be done differently.  I found myself feeling annoyed. I intuitively felt that what I was going through could have been more streamlined and somehow integrated into a more enjoyable process. (wishful thinking on my part)  I wasn’t sure if and how that was even possible – it was really just a feeling!

Throughout that harrowing journey my mentors, therapists, teachers and experts were all amazing and helped me immensely. As i navigated my way through the Hero’s Journey I grew into the person that I am today.

That feeling of creating something new has stayed with me to this day and so with all of this in mind (and never being one to shy away from a challenge) I set about crafting my bespoke programs that combine so many of the elements that I utilised and studied in during that time and then added in all of my body work knowledge and skill so that you would have an amazing program all in the one place that would allow you to feel nurtured and amazing as well as transform the areas of your life and yourself that simply aren’t working for you

That’s what this 5 day highly intensive – truly Transformational Program is all about.

During your 5 day bespoke, one on one immersion program, every element of your life will be lovingly and compassionately explored, unpacked, recreated and redesigned in a way that works for you – NOW and well into your FUTURE!

Transform how you feel from the inside out and watch your external world transform to.

You will be supported every step of the way as you dive deep into the areas of your life that matter most to you.

  • Release TENSION, PAIN & EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE that no longer serves you

  • Make MASSIVE CHANGES NOW that fully support YOU and your loved ones

  • Find NEW ways of thinking that help you to EASILY move through “stuckness and pain.

  • Live from a NEW way of BEING that lights up your world as you TAKE CHARGE of what happens next for you

  • SEE and FEEL your internal and external world transform for the better

  • Understand, surrender and courageously embrace this unique whole life redesign program

  • Powerfully ALLOW your home and/or office energy & environment to be transformed for the better

  • Feel a deeper level of peace, harmony and abundance enter your life

  • Feel the RELIEF of FINALLY making progress and MOVING FORWARD in your life

  • Learn lessons from your PAST to help you CHOOSE with greater awareness the STEPS to take to your future desires

  • Transform your health & wellbeing by better understanding what TRULY matters to you and WHY!

  • Gain a greater level of awareness as to what is happening in your body and WHY

  • Every single day of your program enjoy the sheer bliss of Kym’s hands on treatments – massage, body work and more as she weaves her magic to transform you from the inside out!

If your life isn’t panning out (like it did in your thoroughly crafted life plan) or taking shape (like it did in your dreams).  That no matter how hard you seem to work (sometimes into the ground) you still find that nothing much is changing or it simply repeats itself – no matter what you do! – then this program is the one that I specifically created for you!

Transform your life as quickly as possible.

We will deep dive into the very heart of what’s working and what’s not for you and redesign both yourself and your life into what you truly desire.

To be clear, this program is not for the faint hearted.

I’m sure that you’ve heard it before, but what got you to here won’t get you to the next level.

Big change is required from the outside in AND from the inside out.  Every day we will do the work together to find real world solutions to the challenges that you are facing, transform how you are feeling and by the end of the week have a master plan of action outlined (with some of minor and major tasks already implemented and completed).  Now that’s what I call taking affirmative action!

There is nothing in the marketplace like this course, it’s unique and highly experiential so…

If you are at your wit’s end with your level of procrastination, self-sabotage, stuckness or passive inaction that’s continually taking place in your life and what to know more about this deeply transformational program

Apply Now (POA)

Please Note** All applications are strictly confidential.  They are subject to an internal selection criteria and scheduling availability that works for both parties to ensure that the 5 day program is successfully completed.

Kym will visit YOU at your home for 5 days and together you will work side by side to redesign yourself & your life from the inside out! 

Get ready for a level of relief, peace, rejuvenation and re-creation that you never even knew was possible!

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