I didn’t plan for the covid19 global pandemic – none of us did! 

When all else fails…

I like to think of myself as a pretty good planner!I didn’t plan for the covid19 global pandemic - none of us did!

That through trial, error, success and failure slowly but surely I create the vision, dreams and goals that began as a dream in my heart and head into tangible, physical reality even if it (unfortunately) takes me slightly longer than I originally anticipated.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, I constantly strive to better myself and all of the services and products that I’ve created and crafted over the years to help and serve more of my clients so that they can feel better in their daily life.

Whether that’s through my national business, Rejuvenators Health Massage or via the private, bespoke holistic sessions or programs that move them towards living their life of Ultimate Wellbeing.

What is a life of Ultimate Wellbeing?

Of course it is unique to everyone, but i like to view a Life Of Ultimate Wellbeing as a beautiful kaleidoscope of physical, mental, emotional, financial, material, energetic and spiritual health.

Over many years now, I have actively planned the many different aspects of my life to help ensure I stay healthy, fit and well.

Life is stressful for everyone and as a business owner, it’s simply unrelenting.  So many people give their all to their business or career and unfortunately work themselves into an early grave. In my earlier years I was a massive workaholic (oncall 24 hrs a day/7 days a week) so it was crucial that I found a way to balance my energy and health so that I could take advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves to me as I continued towards creating the life and lifestyle that I desired.

It’s my ultimate aim that whenever I take my last breath, I have given my all, explored, adventured, loved and served and have as few regrets as humanely possible!

But what happens when things don’t go as planned? 

I’m pretty sure that no one would have thought 2020 would turn out like this!

Covid 19 has pretty much stopped the world in its tracks, with so many people ill and too many sadly deceased, this health crisis is like nothing we have ever seen in our lifetime.

With global borders closed, businesses and industries of all sizes shuttered, health workers heroically saving as many people as they can while the world’s best and brightest search for a cure; there is still no definitive date for the world and our way of life to return to normal.

The stress of this instant and massive change to our way of life for so many is palpable.

Concerns about catching the virus, especially for our older family members abound, routines have been upended, families find themselves suddenly working from home, mum’s are homeschooling their children and millions have suddenly become unemployed and are in financial turmoil – the stress, tension, grief, uncertainty and heartache is immense.

I am certainly not immune to any of this and neither are my loved one’s, friends and entire team throughout Australia. With all revenues and income ceasing months ago, it’s been tough.

The roller coaster ride of emotions that I’ve felt and processed over that time has been considerable. Especially when I have the gift (or curse, depending how you look at it as an empath) to often pick up my client’s emotions and occasionally their physical symptoms, before they start their session with me as we work together to relieve what is ailing them.

And on a much larger scale, it’s a disciplined daily conscious effort to unplug from as much of the collective consciousness lower energies, fear, uncertainty, doubt, hopelessness and trauma as possible, clear it and send back out via mediation healing energy, love and light to pierce the veil of despair and darkness that so many find themselves in right now.

How to reset your mind and body!

I take time to reset my mind, clear my energy, meditate and return to my resourceful inner set point of balance, calmness, safety and peace no matter what is taking place in my external world.

Do I have days where I feel like crap and want to stay in bed, warmly snuggled under the covers – absolutely!  But thankfully those days they are fleeting and are not the norm!

Many times, I hear people say I’ll be ok WHEN… this or that happens – THEN – I’ll be less anxious, less stressed, less fearful. The truth is that regardless of whatever is transpiring around you RIGHT NOW, you CAN find peace, calmness and clarity in each and every moment.

Ultimately this way of living, breathing and being allows you to increase your personal resilience and your overall health and wellbeing.

This diligent practice has seen me though many a personal and business crisis in my life; as it will this one and those yet to come.

Is it easy? no,

Is it possible yes!

If you would like to work with me to increase your skill in managing difficult emotions and any negative reactions or habit patterns that you find yourself falling into, please reach out I’m here and more than happy to help.

Here’s another way to cope in tumultuous times…

It might sound trite but laughter is a huge help and comfort in times of crisis.

I must admit that I limit my time on social media but I really do appreciate the witty, talented people that create all of the really funny memes, skits and shows that make me laugh out loud! If you’d like to learn more about how laughter can support your health and wellbeing perhaps check out my daily instagram inspiration here.

If you would like