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Meet Kym Power

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About Kym

Hi I’m Kym Power Wellbeing Coach.

If it’s a massage your looking for, sorry, this ain’t it.

My bespoke body alignment process is more like a massage on steroids!

With over 25 years of wellness experience, I help you re-engage with what matters most to you. I offer real life strategies, techniques and self-care rituals that allow you to balance your inner health with your outer wealth.

Imagine a body work session that not only feels amazing but helps you to transform areas of your life where you feel stuck, fearful or confused. I use cutting edge strategies and processes to assist you to redesign your health & wellbeing and your life.

I’ve had a calling to help people nurture their mind, body and soul since the very day I was born! I know it sounds incredible, but it’s true.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a ‘healer’. I’m dedicated to helping others self-nurture and align their emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. I’ve always been curious.  I’ve wanted to know exactly what it is that makes people live their lives with a greater level of peace, health, love and joy and how to achieve that not only in my life but for others as well.

I knew this was my path, but I didn’t understand why?


My journey started when I entered the world three months early as a tiny 1 pound premature baby. I was instantly whisked away from my birth mother’s arms to be placed into the isolation and safety of a glass humidicrib for the first weeks and months of my life.

Next to no touch, no sound and no intimacy.

Although I didn’t realise it for many years, this was where my personal “WHY’ began.


It was at the tender age of 13 that I decided I wanted to be a hair stylist (or hairdresser). My parents made me finish year 12 and obtain my HSC (now VCE) but until then every Thursday night, all day Saturday and full time during the school holidays you would find me working for free in a hair salon somewhere in Ballarat as a tea and tidy! Truly, I was a glorified cleaner but I also served every client, washed thousands of heads of hair over those years and learnt all about customer service, I LOVED IT!

When I finally started my apprenticeship, my “hands on” skill was already well and truly established. It was as a hair stylist that I first learnt about the power of massage and just how quickly touch could transform a person’s energy and wellbeing. For years, my clients would arrive 20 minutes early just to enjoy my scalp massage at the basin as I washed there hair. It was then that I realised I had a gift that differed from my love of hairdressing and styling my clients.

In the years that followed, I started soaking up everything that I could about the principles of massage therapy, physical alignment , ancient energetic healing principles, the inner workings of brain retraining and why as humans we can be remarkable in one moment and our own worst enemy the next! I searched for and learnt everything that I could that would help me align even more to my true purpose which I realized was to help others unlock their full potential and live a more inspired, balanced, healthy and wealthy life.


That quest lead around the world. I trained in the latest massage therapy techniques and holistic disciplines to become one of Australia’s leading Master Massage Therapists. I founded and built Australia’s largest, most trusted and respected professional mobile massage company, Rejuvenators Health Massage that is a partnered to over 800 – 4 & 5 star hotels across Australia. I continue to this day, working with VIP and celebrity clients when they visit Australia as part of their world tours, promotions and events.

After 25 years as a national business owner and entrepreneur I am uniquely positioned to understand the pressures, anxiety and stress that come with living a high performance life. I understand how it feels to hold yourself to standards that many others may not and what it takes to never giving up on your life’s dreams and goals.


As I look back and put the dot’s together it makes more sense now. All of it! The high’s, the low’s, the joy and exhilaration, the struggle, failure and pain.

Through it all, I’ve persevered and stayed resolute that even when I felt lost and stuck, I was still (somehow) on the right path. My journey has led me here!

I specialize in helping High Performance Professionals, CEO’s, Business Owners, Celebrities and VIPs redesign their health, wealth and wellbeing from the inside out.

I have refined my craft to create a Powerful Alignment Process that encompasses the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of your life for a deeply holistic and powerful transformation to take place.

Through this powerful 5 step process you will discover a more balanced and empowered way of living through an integrated approach to your health and wellbeing!

I invite you to feel the difference as your body relaxes and your mind floods with relief from the pressure of daily life.


My ever supportive, patient and loving husband and our beautiful 12 year old black Labrador Leo!

Traveling the world discovering new cultures and having fun adventures finding and tasting amazing local cuisines and street food. Taking the time to attend wonderful healing retreats, personal and professional development programs. Yoga, pilates, meditation, art, dance and getting back to nature and trekking some of the world’s greatest mountains like the Himalayas with my friends!

I love my body, I love my health & wellbeing and I love my life.

I’m excited for you to love yours (even more) too!

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