How are you? Find your triggers and reduce your stress level today.

This Quick One-Minute Health & Wellbeing Check will provide you a snapshot of how you are coping with the demands of daily life, plus tips on how to quickly reduce stress.

About ME

Are you a high performance professional, business owner, entrepreneur, a stressed out Mum or Dad juggling so much that you just feel overwhelmed & exhausted?

Or, are you on track, love life & generally feel that you are able to handle whatever is thrown at you? Yet you secretly worry if you can sustain the pace long term?

Life can be hectic! It’s vital to take time to rest, to restore your mind, body and being. By the end of your very first session with Kym, you will feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.  Your body and mind reconnected on a whole new level.

Allow calmness, clarity and joy to effortlessly flow from you and transform every aspect of your life. Enjoy a profoundly powerful, healing and nurturing space filled with inner exploration, reflection, relaxation, hope and joy.

· Release your bodies stress, tension and anxiety

· Release any habits, beliefs and rituals that no longer serve you.

· Redesign your life from the inside out.

· Boost your health and wellbeing.

· Give yourself permission to live your best and most inspired life.



Virtual Session

Not in Brisbane or can’t travel but would love some support? Book a virtual session and you will instantly feel the difference that this bespoke guided session has on your energy, your productivity, your emotional state and your overall sense of wellbeing.


This session is a face to face, “hands on” experiential session comprising both time on the table and time to discuss how you are currently feeling.

Redesigning You

Dive deep with Kym to reshape and redesign your life. Recreate, restore and reignite your energy, passion and focus on what you really want. Choose from a 1, 3 or 5-day intensive personalized wellbeing and coaching program that includes lots of bodywork and pampering!

Coaching life

You’ve already proven that you are a force to be reckoned with, you've achieved a lot! To reach the next level you need to break through even more limiting beliefs, old stories and behaviors that simply aren't working for you anymore.

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