A business owner’s day – From foggy and frustrated to light, bright and accomplished.

Stressed business owners Have you ever sat down to start your week, super excited to get stuck into your “to do” list and then hours later found yourself feeling lethargic, dazed, foggy and frustrated?

And somehow…all without achieving very much at all!

Unfortunately for many business owners, constant demands, distraction and brain drain is “the norm” and the very real and harsh truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With a few simple steps the clarity, focus and energy that you are striving for can and will return and propel your results and success forward; towards the very outcome that you desire.

As you read the steps below I’m guessing that some of you may roll your eyes!

If so, please bear with me, even though this may sound simple or even lame – they are super powerful and all work towards getting you back on track, in flow and in charge of your emotional, energetic, mental and physical health.

  1. Assign an actual space to work from (ie: not the couch!)
  2. Clear your work space so that it’s spotless (ie: absolutely no distractions)

Close all of your browser windows and even disconnect from the internet (if your task doesn’t require you to go online to complete it).

  1. Choose just ONE TASK that is your HIGHEST priority (even if it’s scary or hard and you’ve been putting it off!)
  2. Grab your phone and mute it – plus stop ALL notifications. Open your clock and put your timer on for 25 minutes (with an alarm chime at the end)
  3. Close your eyes for 30 seconds and take a deep breath in.
  4. Open your eyes, start the timer and begin working on the task you have selected. As soon as your timer goes off, STOP.  And I mean STOP IMMEDIATELY!
  5. Get up from your work station and walk away. (this doesn’t seem like it would be hard to do but the irony of all of this is that it can be – you HAVE TO STOP and WALK AWAY!)
  6. Go grab a drink of water or herbal tea, go to the bathroom or take a stretch for FIVE minutes (only) Return to your work station after 5 minutes and reset the 25 minute time slot
  7. Take another deep cleansing breath and START the timer AGAIN. Pick up from where you left of and stay completely focused on the ONE task that you initially chose.
  8. When you timer chimes at 25 minutes, again STOP and WALK AWAY. Come back 5 minutes later and now review how much you have completed from start to finish.

This short exercise may not get your entire task finished (but that’s not actually the point I’m trying to make).

I’d like you to do a WELLBEING REVIEW on yourself at this point!

  1. Close your eyes, and review how you feel within yourself.
  2. Check on your level of focus and clarity
  3. Check in on how your energy is doing (is it bubbling and buoyant or drained?)
  4. Are you feeling engaged and happy that you made progress (or are you feeling frustrated?)

In our busy lives, we sometimes forget that we have complete authority over how we react and respond to the events that potentially shape our future.

We can choose to set ourselves up for personal success or set ourselves up for failure.

This small exercise always helps me to regain my focus (and my sanity) so that I better respond to the demands in front of me with clarity, energy and enthusiasm. (Even if I’ve procrastinated for days on a task!)

This one exercise helps me to get moving and re-engage with the very best parts of myself, reclaim the joy of accomplishment and achieve the outcome I desire for myself, my family and my clients.

Give this exercise a shot and let me know how you went, and as always if you’d like some help with increasing your energy levels, wellbeing, clarity and focus please reach out to me for a chat.

In one simple session you’ll instantly feel calmer, clearer and lighter.

Xx Kym