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The Recharge Me 90 day program is like no other facilitated wellbeing program that you will experience.

Work directly and confidentially with Kym and be expertly guided on a holistic, healing journey.

You will learn strategies and systems to recharge your mind, body and being, scale your business and lift your life to the next level!

Experience an increase in your energy, enthusiasm and wellbeing as you dive into powerful, transformational private sessions to clear and heal what’s been holding you back, keeping you stuck and zapping your zest for life!

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Experience profound shifts in awareness, alignment, safety, renewal, nurturing and support.

It’s not often that a coach can facilitate so many aspects of personal transformation – physical, mental, emotional and energetic – for both your business and your life.  Recharge Me allows all facets of your life to be reviewed, revised and redesigned to best serve YOU – allowing you to breathe deep and step into a powerful place of peace from which to create your life.

In this safe, confidential space you will re-discover and embrace the essence of who you truly are (and have always been) – powerful beyond measure, destined for ever broader levels of greatness as you live a life of Ultimate Wellbeing!

In this program your personal power and strength is holistically harnessed, allowing you to “Be more, Do more and Have more” of what you truly want in life

It’s simply like no other program.

Recharge Me gives you a comprehensive understanding and experience of all of the facets of your life and how best to navigate the daily challenges that you face as a busy, driven and successful woman.

It is a unique blend Kym’s qualifications and skills in facilitated coaching, mentoring, care and support that encompasses neuro-linguistic programming, access consciousness, pranic healing, discussion, daily habit hacks, deep learning and more.

Your Questions Answered:

Is this right the program for me?

Kym’s previous wellbeing coaching clients have gained many of the following benefits:

  1. ✓ By the end of the very first session you will feel infinitely less stressed
  2. ✓Experienced an immense increase in energy and enthusiasm for “self” and life
  3. ✓ Reduced occurrences of being triggered by events, conversations, confrontations
  4. ✓ A greater ability to acknowledge and share true feelings
  5. ✓ Relief that they can be “completely real” and express exactly how they “truly” feel (without judgement)
  6. ✓ Feeling profound self-love and self-acceptance
  7. ✓ A greater level of awareness of themselves, their body and the world as they know it
  8. ✓ The realisation that they are not broken and never have been (even if they swear they are!)
  9. ✓ That many other women are just like them and that they’re not alone (with how they are feeling and what they are experiencing!)
  10. ✓ Feeling a new connected and conscious level of deep level of personal safety and internal peace (no matter what is happening in the world around them)
  11. ✓The ability to give more to themselves (on all levels of life)
  12. ✓ A newfound love of their body, increased confidence and self-esteem
  13. ✓ A greater understanding of how to navigate the world from a place of feminine flow rather than brute force.
  14. ✓ The ability to embrace their sexuality and sensuality
  15. ✓ Better communication skills
  16. ✓ The ability to set clearer, aligned goals in business and life
  17. ✓ Implement firmer boundaries to serve self as well as everyone else
  18. ✓ Taking personal responsibility for their actions, behaviours and habits
  19. ✓ Increased confidence, calmness and clarity
  20. ✓ A new understanding of deep, personal values and how best to harness their strengths and power

Why is it a 90 day program?

Whilst to some 90 days may feel like a long time, it is a relatively short period of time to facilitate deep levels of change that will continue long after the program ends.

This time frame is important to allow for integration between sessions and for behaviours, habits and energetic shifts to take hold, strengthen or fall away. Within the program parameters, there is time to go away and practice what has been uncovered, experienced and learnt. You will conciusly and unconsciously build on the internal shifts and external habits week by week, integrating the learnings and slowly but surely transforming. There is also adequate time for feedback and review throughout the journey.

What if I’ve done lots of personal growth courses already?

If you have that’s great! It gives you a solid foundation to build upon as we clear away the things that are holding you back on your way to the next level of evolution and progression.  Dive deeper into what you already know is true for you, revisit whatever shows up (that you thought you’d already dealt with) but is now ready to be cleared on an internal, external and cellular level.

Viewing this gentle yet deep work from a vantage point of openness, enthusiasm, curiosity and reinvention will catapult your results to a whole new level.

And if this is your first time dipping your toe into the water of personal transformation, that’s completely ok too. You will be gently and expertly guided to transform your emotional, energetic, mental and physical wellbeing to support your progress in your business and life.

What if I feel a bit apprehensive and uncertain about doing the course?

It’s normal to feel this way, change can be scary but what’s even scarier is staying the same and experiencing the same physical symptoms, emotional states and events happening to you over and over again! That pain is so much worse than the fear of venerability and change.

You can schedule a wellbeing discussion with Kym prior to applying to the program to ensure that this is the right next step for you at this point in time.

Why not just read a book to change my situation and life?

Books are amazing, they give us the ability to learn, grow and expand in so many ways. however at times, life is bigger, messier and more painful than we find ourselves able to cope with.  At times like these extra care, attention and deliberate intention is required to shift away from the pain and move towards the peace in order to achieve the results we really want going forward.

This program both delights and challenges you to step up and recommit to the you that you are crying out to be. The program allows you to explore and experience in depth and detail the many facets of being a woman in todays world and what that means for you.   A lot of comprehensive learning, pivotal shifts and powerful transformation takes place due to the fact that Kym works with both your conscious and unconscious mind helping to clear away long held limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours.

Will my health improve?

The work in this program is holistic in nature and will have a positive effect on your emotional, energetic, mental, physical internal and external environment.  It is up to you how seriously you take the program, do the assigned homework, ask for support and work on yourself. Of course, it is important to note that this is not medical advice and you should adhere to all medical instructions and medications until further advice from your doctor and/or specialist.

I’m interested and would like to learn more?

Fantastic, simply schedule a time and Kym will see you soon on Zoom! To make the most of your time together, make a note of the issue/s you would like assistance with and any questions you would like to ask.