Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, high performance leader or manager and already feel a bit tired? (even though the year has just begun!)

If this sounds like you


Join Me at this Exclusive Maleny Wellbeing & Relaxation Retreat
Sunshine Coast Hinterland
*from 6pm Friday 19th March 

Let’s face it 2020 was an incredibly grueling year!  Saying goodbye to 2020 was definitely the easiest part!  2021 is already in full swing.  It would be nice to think that life will return to some sort of “new normal” but it looks like 2021 will continue to be uncertain and unfortunately for some: personal, business, career, health and financial challenges will be felt as the flow on effects of the pandemic continue.  If there was ever a year that you need an abundance of energy and crystal clear clarity to thrive – this is the year!

So, with this in mind…

I have created a safe, supportive and super nurturing 3 night wellbeing retreat to allow you time to relax, recover and recharge from the grueling events of 2020.  It’s time to reset your energy, clarity and focus for the year ahead.

This wellbeing retreat is an intimate space for introspection and rejuvenation to uplift and strengthen your body, mind and spirit.

Why should you attend?

When you depart this retreat you will leave with a new depth of inner strength, resilience, clarity and calmness.

How do I know this?

I founded and scaled a multi million dollar business, I intimately know and understand the business/leadership journey.  I’ve been a holistic therapist since 1993 and a wellbeing & mindset coach since 2006.  I have worked with many of the worlds most well known and famous celebrities – such as Lady Ga Ga, Kylie Minogue, Tina Arena, Kayne West, Bruce Springsteen to ensure that they stay at the top of their game whilst they are on tour.  I’ve literally worked with tens of thousands of clients to bring them back into blissful balance and if I can do that in as little as one hour – imagine how you will feel after an entire weekend together!

This retreat will:

  • Allow you to stop and safely relax
  • Give you even more clarity and awareness of the best possible ways to support your daily wellbeing
  • Do as little or as much as you please at the retreat
  • Allow you to take time out to reflect & recharge – physically, mentally & emotionally
  • Assist you to get clarity and confidence on your next steps in business, career and life
  • Feel a depth of peace that you may not have even experienced before!


Regenerate and relax in a gorgeous oasis of calm!

I’ve made it as simple as possible for you to move out of your familiar surroundings into a calm, nurturing environment. Feel inspiration, relief and joy surrounded by other like-minded, wise women.

This experience is for you if love the sound of everything below:

You get all of this…

  • Exclusive private access to an entire retreat venue in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland at Maleny
  • Welcome Drinks – meet Kym and the other inspirational women that you will spend the next few days relaxing with
  • Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea & Dinner – no need to leave the retreat venue
  • A professional yoga instructor to guide you (at your level of fitness) in gentle daily yoga sessions to enhance and support your physical and mental wellbeing
  • Group Meditation sessions to access your own inner wisdom and soothe your mind, body and being
  • Small group workshops to delve deep and discover a whole new you.
  • A one on one confidential holistic coaching session to uncover blocks, limiting beliefs or self-sabotage to get you back on track and moving in the right direction
  • A blissful full body massage session 
  • A retreat workbook to help you dream, clear and refine your business, career, body and life
  • Delicious meals to share and enjoy throughout the retreat
  • Planned personal “time out” to reflect, rest, journal and even nap if you choose to.

Imagine this…

  • Arrive at an exclusive, intimate hinterland retreat and begin to relax and unwind with a small group of soon to be new friends. You’ll be in great company with all of your needs tended to.
  • You get to enjoy gorgeous grazing platters, local culinary delights, delicious food, desserts and snacks so no there’s need to worry about going without at this wellbeing retreat
  • Wake up each day to the sounds of nature, walk around the tranquil grounds, meditate or go for an invigorating swim in the free flowing creek and waterhole right next to the retreat
  • Friday night to settle in and relax and two full days of rest, relaxation and restoration


  • You intuitively know that to be your best in life it starts with caring for yourself (*although it often feels easier to care for others as you never quite find enough time for yourself)
  • If you need some space to create or revise your plan for 2021 and what you truly would like to achieve (both personally and professionally)
  • You simply want to take time out, stop, rest and recover from a grueling 2020.
  • If you need a shot of confidence or professional support to tip you in the right direction (or maybe to get started in the first place) this retreat is perfect for you!
  • If you feel overwhelmed with all that you have to do to start making progress in your business and life this year – this retreat is perfect for you!
  • If you are tired of watching other business owners or team members  make progress in their business and career but you feel like you are standing still (or even going backwards) this retreat is perfect for you!
  • If you are feeling lonely and isolated and would love the support and encouragement of other inspiring business and career women as you create and recommit to your goals in 2021 – this retreat is for you!
  • If you’d love a fresh set of eyes to look over your plans or speak them out loud to help you to see what perhaps you can’t, this retreat is perfect for you!
  • If you find yourself struggling with self-doubt or self-sabotage – this retreat is perfect for you!
  • If you are finding yourself waking up most days with feelings of lethagy, apathy, overwhelm or regret – this retreat is perfect for you!
  • If you just want some concrete steps to focus on so that you can get your energy and momentum back on track – this retreat is for you!
  • If you want an affordable, “quick break” away from the routine of your day to day, family, business and home life – this retreat is for you!
  • You know that so many people need what you do to help and serve them, but you find yourself unable to move forward and make progress with your projects – this retreat is perfect for you!
  • If your inner voice is yelling at you to get moving but “it’s not in a loving, supportive way” then this retreat is perfect for you!
  • Business ownership and high level management may look impressive to the those that have never done it but the truth is, it can be ridiculously hard and extremely lonely at the top –  this retreat is perfect for you!

Now is the time to put yourself first and invest in your own physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.


Your family, clients and team really need to hear from you and benefit from your skill, energy, passion and projects as we move into 2021 and beyond

You can’t do that if you are already feeling foggy, confused and tired!

Recreate and recharge your plan, projects and personal energy with a small group of inspiring women and enjoy time out to work on yourself, your business or career and revitalize your body with on point, focused workshops and activities that will alleviate stress and tension and get you recharged and raring to go for the year ahead.

Enjoy yoga, massage, energy healing, meditation, gorgeous food and plenty of private time to recharge your body, mind and spirit.

Sounds great – When is it and how much does it cost?

Maleny Wellbeing & Relaxation Retreat

Sunshine Coast Hinterland

From 6pm FRIDAY 19th March – 10am Monday 22nd March 2021

Package for 3 Nights starts from $990.00

 Retreat prices vary depending on your room selection and availability is limited so first in – get’s preferred choice of sleeping options.

Your retreat package price includes accommodation for 3 nights, yoga sessions, workshops, workbook, bodywork session & private coaching session, group meditation, food and alcohol plus private time for introspection and rest.

The entire retreat space is gorgeous with purpose built areas to assist relaxation and facilitate growth, learning and personal renewal.

NB:  In the course of designing this retreat – I searched high and low for a venue that could offer private rooms for every guest in attendance! (Unfortunately, that turned out to be a more difficult task than I imagined).

I heard about this venue from a friend who had stayed there and decided to personally go view it, even though it didn’t meet my 10 bedroom criteria)  When I toured the property, I just couldn’t get past the blissful feeling as I walked around the grounds and the event spaces of what could be possible!

Got questions? Contact me here

Please note: There are limited private rooms available at the retreat.   Within the retreat’s large yoga shala, retreat guests can sleep in comfortable (moveable) single bed mattresses with all linen and pillows included in this affordably priced option or choose one of the private rooms.   Simply choose your preferred accommodation style, check availability and secure your spot from the selections below… 


Would love to attend the retreat but can’t stay the entire time?

Check in is from 3pm Friday with arrival circle and welcome drinks scheduled for 6pm, dinner at 7pm

Need to leave Sunday afternoon to return home? Please reach out to discuss your personal requirements and options

Secluded Private Bedroom

Sublime Master X-Large King Bedroom with Private Ensuite and sweeping floor to ceiling views of creek and lush gardens

Private King Bedroom

Direct access toilet, cottage kitchen, pool table, outdoor seating and shared bathroom.

Private King Bedroom

Direct access toilet, cottage kitchen, pool table, outdoor seating and shared bathroom.

Twin x Single Sofa bed

Devan with direct access toilet, wood burning fireplace, cottage kitchen, pool table, outdoor seating and shared bathroom

Shared Space – Japanese style

Single mattresses on the floor in the Yoga Shala with shared bathroom access

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