Congratulations on taking action to increase your level of health & wellbeing in these challenging times

Are you anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, frozen with fear or filled with misery and canโ€™t seem think straight due to current world events?

Are you concerned about your health, your family, your livelihood and your finances?

Access this Virtual Rapid Relaxation Service from the comfort of your home and powerfully reclaim your inner resolve, clarity and calmness.

What happens during your virtual session?

Once your booking is confirmed, Kym will contact you via Skype or Zoom at the appointed time to deliver your personalized session.

Your session begins with you discussing how you are feeling and any concerns that you have.

From there Kym expertly guides you through an experiential journey of self-discovery allowing you to find and feel a deep sense of peace, calmness, clarity and relaxation that Kym then expertly locks into your body prior to your session ending to ensure lasting effects.

Kym will also share with you ways to enhance your session and explain how to draw on your own internal resources to better support your overall physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing moving forward.

Benefits You Will Feel From This Powerful Experience


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